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Regina king dating laz alonzo

She had another big announcement -- she's got a book on the way!It's called "Whoa Baby" and it's all about the maternity secrets and tips the first time mom learned along the way.It’s Christmas time and Ma’Dere’s (Loretta Devine) entire clan is coming home for the holidays to join her and the youngest ‘Baby’ (R&B singer Chris Brown).Eldest daughter Lisa (Regina King) is a stay at home mother for her two children — who may get six lines through the movie — while her husband, Malcom (Laz Alonso), treats her more like his secretary.Kandi Burruss looked hot posing it up on the Cadillac CT6 Sedan.Mathew Knowles caught up with Johnson Publishing Chair Linda Johnson Rice. Garcelle Beauvais, Regina King and Simone Biles were all on hand to celebrate making the list and supporting others who did.The Whitfields are about to celebrate their first family Christmas together for four years.And they're going to do it in the traditional style: with put-downs, punch-ups and a sprinkling of jaw-to-the-floor surprises.

Regina King was scheduled to be in Atlanta this weekend but had to go out of the country.”Also contributing to the false rumors of a Lisa Wu-Malcolm affair is the fact that stories have been floating through cyberspace claiming that Lisa Wu and husband, former NFL star Ed Hartwell, are currently separated.With the rest of the family back home, Ma’Dere’s long-time live-in boyfriend Joe (Delroy Lindo is perfectly cast as the ideal father figure) has to go through the illusion that he’s leaving every night so the kids don’t get wise to their sleeping arrangement.It’s also refreshing seeing a nice blend of established actors (Lindo, Devine and King) with a new crop of relatively under-exposed talent (Brown, Short and London).International Hair Show in Atlanta on Saturday, Aug. After Warner completed a round of individual photos and interviews, Hartwell appeared and took a few pedestrian photos with Warner at the request of photographers before he disappeared into the hair show exhibition hall.No sexual tension between the two could be detected and the brief photo op seemed innocuous.

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Of the female siblings, Lisa (King) is married to a cheating control freak (Laz Alonso) who wants her to persuade everyone to sell the family's ailing dry-cleaning business.