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Sean hannity dating service

This isn’t the Fox News personality’s first foray into hook-up culture: Hannity previously ran Hannidate, a website where “people of like conservative minds can come together to meet.” Hannidate, surprisingly enough, featured a section for men seeking men; while Hannity is against same-sex marriage, he apparently leans more libertarian on gay relationships. Josh Duggar is presumably already regretting making a profile.

(You can fool around all you want, just don’t ask for any financial benefits.) Hannidate closed down several years ago for undisclosed legal reasons, The Wrap reports. Lonelyhearts, pressuring “cute couples” he encounters in public who may be living in sin to finally commit to being miserable with each other forever. ’” Hannity says, recounting a time he coerced a couple into a loveless marriage.

Insofar as they did so with dishonest rhetoric, it would only benefit more sober politicians and intellectuals.

If that self-serving story was ever plausible—I long argued that misleading the base about the truth would have terrible costs—it should not have survived the Bush administration, when the GOP limped from crisis to crisis, utterly failing to govern effectively.

Here we will also let you know about their love affair, relationship and married life. Due to their similar field of career, they got attracted towards each other. Sean Hannity operates his own dating website that helps match up gays!Of course, the stated purpose of the dating service called, HANNIDATE, is to match up like-minded conservatives; however, gays are welcomed and are meeting on his site as well, and he allows it. Hannity feels that he is expressing God's loves towards those who are without Christ; nevertheless, Christians should never take sin lightly. "vile affections" as the Word of God calls it in Romans . As Christians, we need to live above reproach, and not give the Devil's crowd any more ammunition than they already have. Any honest child knows that God created Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve. I checked the site the next month and not only was I still there on the gay search results but so was another guy. I’m real sure that Black water fountains were considered better because instead of being infused with fluoride they were mentholated.Over time, Bill told me that he met many camping buddies on Hannidate.

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