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Verifying validating software requirements design specifications

The V-model is also called as Verification and Validation model.The testing activity is perform in the each phase of Software Testing Life Cycle.In a more traditional Waterfall process, with Specifications and Requirements defined at the start, Validation is often performed at the end of the testing cycle.You spend tons of time defining a product, build it, make sure your software was bug-free, and then do user acceptance testing, or submit it to a client / users, perhaps even a Beta release.The development of software begins once the requirements document is 'ready'.One of the objectives of this document is to check whether the delivered software system is acceptable.However, flaws and deficiencies in the requirements can sometimes be discovered only when the system implementation is complete.To satisfy the objectives of the verification and validation process, both static and dynamic techniques of system checking and analysis should be used.

Verification and validation thus starts with requirements reviews and continues through design and code reviews to product testing.Verification includes all the activities associated with the producing high quality software: testing, inspection, design analysis, specification analysis, and so on.It is a relatively objective process, in that if the various products and documents are expressed precisely enough, no subjective judgements should be needed in order to verify software.Validation involves checking that the program as implemented meets the expectations of the customer.Requirements validation techniques, such as prototyping, help in this respect.

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I’ve been asked several times recently about the difference between Verification and Validation in automated testing and for some advice on applying and documenting each kind of testing. Verification is testing that your product meets the specifications / requirements you have written. It is also sometimes called acceptance or business testing. ” V&V together make sure that your software has delivered on its purpose in an error-free (ideally) way.

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